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Planepictures / Flugzeugphotos

- Pictures of DTM-Airport and private planepics of the admins of (number of pics continuously updated!) :
Arrow 137 Planepictures of Simone & Dietmar (Crew of on Airliners.Net English  
Arrow 156 Photos of Simone & Dietmar (Crew of on (= English Deutsch
Arrow 127 Photos of Simone and 32 of Dietmar (Crew of on English

- Picture Databases - above 3 million planepictures! (sorted by no. of pictures):
Arrow Airliners.Net - nearly 2.200.000 Photos (!!!) Type-dictionary, english discussion-forums, news etc. English  
Arrow - ca. 2.500.000 Photos (!!!) online + airport database and jetliner database with status lists English  
Arrow (  - ca.1.150.000 Photos (!!) online Deutsch  
Arrow - ca. 127.00 Photos (!) online, News, Codes etc. English
Arrow PictAero - 121.200 photos online English Francais
ArrowFasten your seat belts ( - ca 81.000 Photos (!) online Deutsch English
Arrow 28.000 Photos English
Arrow - ca. 21.500 Photos English
Arrow - 20.600 Photos online, Newssite, Lexikon Deutsch

- Other sites with and about planepictures:
Arrow - Bilder, Filme und mehr (ca. 3.000 Bilder) Deutsch English
ArrowThe PlaneSpotting Zone ( Photos + IATA / ICAO-Codes English
Arrow webcam - Super collection of webcams on airports (320+!!), Aviation weather and more! 
Arrow Aviation-web deja vu - Photo collection and linklist with 2.800 links to airports, helibases etc. English
Arrow Airliner Gallery - small pic site English
Arrow new Felix Gottwald - Pictures and a blog of a LH-Cargo-Pilot  English

Airport-Sites, in alphabetical order / Flughafenseiten, alphabetisch

(Please click the first letter of the airport you are looking for, with up back to this point /  Buchstabe anklicken, mit up wieder hierher)

webcam = Airport - Webcams
! =  Military installations on the airport and / or spotting (officially) not allowed!


Planespotting-Sites with tips on multiple airports:
Arrow Scramble on the web (Civil Aviation) - Spotting-Magazine, spottingtips, timetables... English
Arrow very much links to nearly every bigger airport... English 
Arrow GSN - German Spotter Network - im Aufbau (Spottingpositionen, Spottingnews, Forum) Deutsch
Arrow BeLuxSpot - biggest forum for spotting in Belgium & Luxembourg french flag
Arrow - short tips about Charleroi, Cologne, Faro, Francfort, Geilenkirchen, Genève, Liège, Lille, Ostende, ... (2007) french flag
Arrow Commmunity - Vielversprechendes, neues & überregionales Forum für D, CH & A Deutsch

Aberdeen (ABZ / EGPD):
Arrow Airport Aberdeen - official site English
Arrow Spotting tips on Aberdeen by (2004) English

Ajaccio - Corsica (AJA / LFKJ);
Arrow Airport Ajaccio - official site English french flag
Arrow AJA Spotting by English

Alicante (ALC / LEAL):
Arrow Airport Alicante - official site English spanishflag
Arrow Spotting tips on Alicante by (2011) English

Alderney (ACI / EGJA):
Arrow Alderney airport - official site English
Arrow Spotting @ Alderney by Tis Meyer ( English

Altenburg-Nobitz (AOC / EDAC): up
Arrow Airport Altenburg - official site Deutsch English
Arrow new AOC Infos im Thüringer Luftfahrtforum Deutsch

Amsterdam (AMS / EHAM):
Arrow Airport Amsterdam - official site Netherlands English
Arrow , ex b7e7-pictures English 
Arrow Guide to Amsterdam Schiphol by (2011) English 
Arrow AMS spotting by (2007) English
Arrow AMS Spotting by Netherlands
Arrow Scramble on the web Tips on Amsterdam English
Arrow AMS positions (as a Google Earth file) by Deutsch

!Antalya (AYT / LTAI ):
Arrow  Antalya Airport - official site Deutsch English
Arrow new Photography at Antalya Airport by (2013) English

Arrecife / Lanzarote (ACE / GCRR):
Arrow ACE airport - official site English spanishflag
Arrow Spottingtipps of Spotter CGN Deutsch English
Arrow Spottingtips of (2011) English
Arrow Arrecife Spotting by Keith Hatfield English
Arrow Arrecife Spotting by Deutsch spanishflag English (Online-Translation)
Arrow new Spotting Guide Arrecife by (pdf) (2009) English

Athens (ATH / LGAV):
Arrow Athens Airport - official site English greece flag
Arrow Spotting at Athens by English greece flag
Arrow Spotting @ ATH by (2011) English

Augsburg (AGB / EDMA):
Arrow Airport Augsburg - official site Deutsch

Baden / Karlsruhe (FKB / EDSB):up
Arrow Baden Airpark - Airport Karlsruhe / Baden-Baden - official site Deutsch English
Arrow FKB-Fans - Spotting at FKB - Spottingtipps im Forum, Registrierung nötig Deutsch

Barcelona - Prat (BCN / LEBL):
Arrow Airport Barcelona - official site spanishflag English 
Arrow Spotting at BCN by Asociacion Aire English
Arrow Spotting @ BCN by Netherlands
Arrow BCN positions by (2011) English
Arrow new BCN spotting by spanishflag
Arrow new BCN spotting points by (2013) spanishflag

Basel / Mulhouse / Freiburg (Euroairport BSL/EAP/MLH / LFSB):
Arrow Euroairport - official site Deutsch french flag English 
Arrow eapnews Deutsch
Arrow Spotting tips for Basel of Tis Meyer, Deutsch English
Arrow BSL-Spotting by (including kmz for Google Earth)English

Beauvais (BVA / LFOB):
Arrow Airport Beauvais - official site french flag English italflag spanishflag
Arrow Spotting @ Beauvais french flag

Belfast Aldergrove & City (BFS/BHD / EGAA/EGAC):
Arrow  Belfast Airport - official site English
Arrow  Spotting guide BFS by (2011) English
Arrow  Belfast City Airport - official site English
Arrow  Spotting guide BHD by (2011) English

Bergen Flesland (BGO / ENBR):
Arrow  Airport Bergen - official site English norwayflag
Arrow  Bergen tips by (Tis Meyer) English
Arrow  Bergen Spotting by (incl. Google Earth data) Deutsch

Arrow Berliner Flughäfen - official site Deutsch English
Arrow Berlinspotter (SXF/THF/TXL) Deutsch
Arrow Spotterplaces at SXF by (2010) Deutsch
Arrow SXF-Spotter of Tino Lehmann Deutsch
Arrow Berlin TXL Spotting of Deutsch
Arrow Planeboys - Spotting at TXL, SXF,THF, GWW Deutsch English

Billund (BLL / EKBI):
Arrow Airport Billund - official site English dansk
Arrow BLL data & Google Earth photopositions by Deutsch

Birmingham (BHX / EGGB):
Arrow Airport Birmingham - official site English
Arrow Spottingtips on BHM of (2011) English
Arrow BHX Enthusiast Website English
Arrow Spotting tips on Birmingham by English

Bologna (BLQ / LIPE):
Arrow Airport Bologna, official site English italflag
Arrow Bologna Spotting points by Vola Bologna italflag

Bratislava (BTS / LZIB):
Arrow Airport Bratislava - official site  English slovak flag Deutsch
Arrow new BTS-Spotting by English
Braunschweig (BWE / EDVE):
Arrow Airport Braunschweig - official site Deutsch
Arrow Luftfahrtclub Braunschweig - Spotting mit Forum Deutsch

Bremen (BRE / EDDW):
Arrow Airport Bremen - official site Deutsch English
Arrow BRE-Forum - Forum on spotting at Bremen (nur registrierte User) Deutsch
Arrow BRE-Photopositions of Tomas Mellies Deutsch
Arrow BRE-Spotting by Manuel Mueller  English

Bremerhaven-Luneort (BRV / EDWB):
Arrow Airport Bremerhaven - official site Deutsch English
Arrow new Spottingguide Bremerhaven by Deutsch

Brest Bretagne Aeroport (BES / LFRB):
Arrow Brest Airport - official site Francais English
Arrow Breizh Spotting Team Francais

Bristol airport (BRS / EGGD):
Arrow Bristol Airport - official site English Deutsch italflag spanishflag polandflag
Arrow new Bristol Airport spotting English

! Brno (BRQ / LKTB):
Arrow Airport Brno - official site English
Arrow Spotting at BRQ Airport by English
Arrow Brno data and positions by Deutsch
Arrow new BRNO spotting by

Brussels - National (Zaventem) / Brussels South (Charleroi) (BRU/CRL / EBBR-EBMB/ECBI):
Arrow Airport Brüssel - official site Netherlands Francais English
Arrow Spottingtips of (2010) English
Arrow Brussels Airport Spotting Guide by English
Arrow BRU Spotting by Rutger Beyen  (2011) English
Arrow BRU Spotting locations by English
Arrow BRU spottingguide by Netherlands

Budapest (BUD / LHBP):
Arrow Budapest Airport Spotting Guide English
Arrow Airport Budapest - official site English Deutsch hung.

Buochs (BXO / LSMU)(Home of PILATUS):
Arrow Airport Buochs - official site Deutsch English
Arrow Spotting at BXO by English

Chios (LGHI / JKH):
Arrow Chios Airport - official site greece flag
Arrow Chios Spotting by English greece flag

Cologne s. Köln-Bonn

Copenhagen (CPH / EKCH):up
Arrow Airport Copenhagen - official site dansk English
Arrow webcam Airport Kopenhagen Webcams (3 cams updated up to every 10 sec.)

Corfu-Kerkyra (CFU / LGKR):
Arrow Airport Corfu - official site  greece flag
Arrow CFU-Spotter-guide of Deutsch English 
Arrow Spotting tips for Corfu of Tis Meyer, (2005) Deutsch English
Arrow Spotting in Corfu von Ultimate Spotters Deutsch
Arrow Spotting at Kerkyra of Athens Aviation Enthusiasts
Arrow CFU Spotting by Deutsch
Arrow new Corfu guide by (pdf) (2009) English

Cork (CRK /EICK):
Arrow Airport Cork - official site English
Arrow Cork-Spotting im  (2006) Deutsch

Cracow s. Krakau

Doncaster Sheffield ("Robin-Hood") (DSA / EGCN):
Arrow Airport Doncaster - official site English
Arrow Spotting guide to DSA by (2011) English

Danzig s. Gdansk

Dortmund (DTM / EDLW):up
Arrow Airport Dortmund - official site Deutsch
Arrow  webcam Dortmund Airport Webcam (streaming!)
Arrow NRW-Luftfahrt-Forum mit DTM-Info-Forum der Airportfreunde Dortmund (incl. DUS,FMO,PAD,NRN,CGN...) Deutsch
Arrow DTM-Spotting of English (own site)
Arrow Saschas Dortmund-Spotting-Site Deutsch

Dresden (DRS / EDDC):
Arrow Airport Dresden - official site Deutsch Czech Polsk English
Arrow Dresdner Spotterpage von Lutz Fischer Deutsch
Arrow Skybird Pro Luftfahrt e.V. - mit Forum Deutsch English

Dublin (DUB / EIDW):
Arrow Airport Dublin - official site English
Arrow Spottingtips on Dublin by (2011) English
Arrow DUB Spotting by English Netherlands

Düsseldorf (DUS / EDDL):
Arrow Airport Düsseldorf - official site Deutsch English
Arrow webcam 4 very nice streaming cams @DUS
Arrow DUS data & Google Earth photopositions by Deutsch
Arrow Spotting tips on DUS by (2009) English
Arrow - with a forum, mainly English (ex dusaviation)
Arrow Spotterforum zum Airport Düsseldorf Deutsch
Arrow DUS tips by Netherlands

East Midlands Airport (EMA / EGNX) (loc.: Nottingham & Derby):
Arrow Airport East Midlands - official site English
Arrow Spottingtips on EMA of (2011) English
Arrow new East-Midlands-Spotting English
Arrow new East Midland Spotting by English

Edinburgh (EDI / EGPH):
Arrow Airport Edinburgh - official site English
Arrow new EDI Spotting by (2011) English
Arrow new Photography at EDI by English

! Eindhoven-Welschap (EIN / EHEH):up
Arrow Airport Eindhoven - official site English Netherlands Francais
Arrow Scramble on the web tips Eindhoven English
Arrow EIN tips of  Netherlands

Engadin-St-Moritz/Samedan (SMV / LSZS):
Arrow Airport Engadin - official site Deutsch English italflag Francais
Arrow Engadin Tips von Manel's Flugzeugbilder Deutsch
Arrow Samedan Photography Locations by English
Arrow webcam Engadin Webcams (3 Cams)

Erfurt-Weimar (ERF / EDDE):
Arrow Airport Erfurt - official site Deutsch English
Arrow new Spotterforum Erfurt im Thüringer Luftfahrtforum  Deutsch

Essen-Muelheim (ESS/EDLE):
Arrow Airport Essen - official site Deutsch
Arrow - Spotting in Essen (leider ohne Fotopositionen) Deutsch

Euroairport s. Basel

Faro Algarve (FAO / LPFR):up
Arrow Airport Faro - official site portuguese flag English
Arrow Spottingtips of (2011) English

Frankfurt (FRA / EDDF):
Arrow Airport Frankfurt - official site Deutsch English
Arrow Scramble on the web tips Frankfurt English
Arrow new FRA-Spotterforum Deutsch
Arrow new Frankfurt Live Schedule by Frankfurt Aviation Friends
Arrow Frankfurt-Aviation-Forum - Forum Deutsch
Arrow Spotting tips on FRA by (2011) English
Arrow Fotopositionen für Frankfurt von (2012) Deutsch 
Arrow FRA-postions by  Deutsch English
Arrow FRA tipps by, auch als pdf  Deutsch
Arrow FRA-positions by Deutsch English

Funchal s. Madeira

Friedrichshafen (FDH / EDNY):
Arrow Airport Friedrichshafen - official site (+ Webcam) Deutsch
Arrow webcam Friedrichshafen Webcam
Arrow Deutsch
Arrow FDH Spotting by (incl. Google Maps) Deutsch English

Fuerteventura / Puerto del Rosario (FUE / GCFV):
Arrow Airport Fuerteventura - official site English spanishflag
Arrow Spottingtips for FUE by Deutsch spanishflag English
Arrow Spottingtips of Spotter CGN (2003) Deutsch

Gdansk (Danzig) (GDN / EPGD):
Arrow Gdansk Lech Wales Airport - official siteEnglish polandflag
Arrow EPGD Spotters  polandflag

Genf / Geneva / Geneve (GVA / LSGG):up
Arrow Airport Genf - official site Francais English
Arrow DPTS Association (The Geneva Aviation Website) English
Arrow GVA  spottingguide by Netherlands

Gibraltar (GIB / LXGB):
Arrow Gibraltar Airport - official site English
Arrow Unofficial homepage of GIB English

Glasgow (GLA / EGPF):
Arrow Airport Glasgow - official site English
Arrow Unofficial Glasgow Site - Spotting, Infos English
Arrow Glasgow Airport Information with forum English

Goteborg-Landvetter (LAV / ESGG):
Arrow Airport Goeteborg - official site English swedflag
Arrow Scramble on the Web Tips on Goeteborg English

Gran Canaria / Las Palmas (LPA / GCLP):
Arrow Airport Gran Canaria - official site English spanishflag
Arrow Spottingtipps Gran Canaria von (2009) Deutsch
Arrow LPA Spotting by spanishflag English Deutsch (Online Translation)
Arrow new Spotting Gran Canaria by (2011) English

Arrow Airport Graz - official site Deutsch English
Arrow Spotterpositionen Graz (w. Google Maps) by English
Arrow Spotterteam Graz mit Forum Deutsch
Arrow Graz photopositions by Deutsch English

Groningen-Eelde (GRQ / EHGG):
Arrow Airport Groningen - official site English Netherlands Deutsch
Arrow Airport Info & Spottingtips about Groningen of Aviationweb deja vu English Netherlands
Arrow Spotting infos of Groningen Eelde Aviation society Netherlands
Arrow new Groningen Infos by English

Guernsey (GCI / EGJB):
Arrow Airport Guernsey - official site English
Arrow - Spotting English
Arrow Guernsey Spotting by Tis Meyer ( (2009) English
Arrow GCI spotting tips by (2011) English

Hahn (HHN / EFH):up
Arrow Airport Hahn - official site Deutsch English
Arrow Hahn-Infos Deutsch
Arrow EDFH-Spotting Deutsch
Arrow HHN-Spotting by Netherlands

Hamburg: (HAM/XFW(Airbus) / EDDH/EDHI):
Arrow Airport Hamburg - official site Deutsch English
Arrow webcam Airport Hamburg - 4 streaming webcams (+15min.)
Arrow Airbus Finkenwerder Spottingtipps aus der Aviation Community Norddeutschland (Forum!)(2007) Deutsch
Arrow HAM data & Google Earth photopositions by Deutsch
Arrow Hamburg Airport Friends mit Messageboard Deutsch
Arrow Aviation Friends Hamburg mit Forum Deutsch
Arrow - XFW und HAM-Spotting Deutsch
Arrow Spottingpositionen in EDDH von (incl. google maps) Deutsch
Arrow Aviation Community - Blog & Forum, XFW/HAM, Fotopositionen mit maps links im Inhaltsverz.  Deutsch
Arrow HAM spotting by, wenig Info / not much info on EDDH Deutsch English
Arrow XFW @ German Spotter Network Deutsch
Arrow XFW spotting by, auch als pdf Deutsch

Hammerfest (HFT/ENHF):
Arrow Airport Hammerfest - official site norwayflagEnglish
Arrow Hammerfest tips by (Tis Meyer) English

Hannover (HAJ / EDDV):up
Arrow Airport Hannover - official site Deutsch English
Arrow HAJ-Spotter (2009) Deutsch
Arrow HAJ data & photopositions by Deutsch
Arrow HAJPics by Dirk Vree - pic site only, but including movements & logbook Deutsch English
Arrow HAJ-Infos von mit Link auf Deutsch

Helsinki-Vantaa (HEL / EFHK):
Arrow Airport Helsinki - official site English finishflag swedflag
Arrow Spottingpoints at HEL by Finnish Aviation Photography - with maps for GEarth and GMaps & pdf English

! Heraklion/Iraklion (HER / LGIR):
Arrow Airport Heraklion - official site English greece flag

Heringsdorf (HDF / EDAH):
Arrow Airport Heringsdorf - official site Deutsch

Hof (HOQ / EDQM):
Arrow Airport Hof - official site Deutsch

Humberside (HUY / EGNJ):
Arrow Airport Humberside - official site English
Arrow Spotting tips on Humberside by (2010) English

Ibiza (IBZ / LEIB):up
Arrow Ibiza Airport - official site English spanishflag
Arrow Ibiza Spotting by Asociacion Aire English
Arrow Spotterpositionen Ibiza by Deutsch
Arrow Ibiza Spotting von Manuel' Deutsch

Innsbruck (INN / LOWI):
Arrow Airport Innsbruck - official site Deutsch
Arrow Hawkeye's Aviation Forum Deutsch 
Arrow Innsbruck spotting tips by (2010) English
Arrow webcam Airport Innsbruck Webcam

Iraklion s. Heraklion

Isle of  Man (IOM / EGNS):
Arrow Isle of Man airport - official site English
Arrow Spotting @ Isle of man by Tis Meyer ( English

Istanbul Ataturk (IST / LTBA) & Sabiha Gokcen (SAW / LTFJ):
Arrow Istanbul Ataturk - official site English
Arrow Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen - official site English Deutsch turk_flag
Arrow Spotting @ the Istanbul airports by English
Arrow new Istanbul spotting by English

Jersey (JER / EGJJ):
Arrow Airport Jersey - official site English
Arrow Jersey Spotting by Tis Meyer ( English

Karlsruhe s. Baden / Karlsruhe (FKB / EDSB)

Kassel-Calden (KSF / EDVK):up
Arrow Airport Kassel - official site Deutsch
Arrow webcam Airport Kassel - Webcam
Arrow new Kassel Spotting Forum - Regsitrierung nötig Deutsch

Kent International - s. Manston

Kiel (KEL / EDHK):
Arrow Airport Kiel - official site Deutsch English

Klagenfurt (KLU / LOWK):
Arrow Airport Klagenfurt - official site Deutsch English
Arrow LOWK-Spotting Deutsch

! Koeln-Bonn / Cologne-Bonn (CGN / EDDK):
Arrow Airport Köln-Bonn - official site Deutsch Netherlands English
Arrow Aviation friends Cologne English
Arrow CGN data & Google Earth photopositions by Deutsch
Arrow Spotter CGN Deutsch English
Arrow CGN Spotting guide by (2010) English
Arrow Spotting-Tipps CGN von Deutsch
Arrow Tips on CGN by Netherlands

Kopenhagen, s. Copenhagen

Korfu, s. Corfu

! Kos-Ippokrates (KOS / LGKO):
Arrow Airport Kos - official site  greece flag
Arrow KOS-Spotting of Athens Aviation Enthusiasts English (old)

Krakau / Cracow (KRK / EPKK):
Arrow Airport Krakow - official site English polandflag Deutsch

Kristiansand-Kjevik (KRS / ENCN):
Arrow Airport Kristiansand - official site norwayflag English
Arrow KRS data & Google Earth photopositions by Deutsch

Laarbruch (NRN / ex RAF: LRC) s. Niederrhein up

Lahr (LHA / EDTL):
Arrow Airport Lahr (Black Forest Airport) - official site Deutsch Francais English 
Arrow Spotterpage Flughafen Lahr Deutsch Lahr Movemenets, & Infos

Lanzarote (ACE / GCRR) s. Arrecife

! Larnaca (Cyprus) (LCA / LCLK):
Arrow Larnaca Airport - official site English
Arrow Larnaca spotting by (2009) English
Arrow Larnaca Airport tips (Pop-Up) (2004) English
Arrow new Larnaca report by  Global spotting reports (2012) English

Leeds - Bradford (LBA / EGNM):
Arrow Airport Leeds - official site English
Arrow Leeds spotting tips by (2011) English
Arrow new Leeds spotting locations by English

Leipzig-Halle (LEJ / EDDP):
Arrow Airport Leipzig-Halle - official site Deutsch English
Arrow - Leipzig spotting site Deutsch
Arrow LEJ spottingtips by English
Arrow LEJ-Spotting by Chris (2008) Deutsch
Arrow Leipzig  Halle Spotting von Deutsch

! Lesbos (Lesvos)-Mytilene (MJT / LGMT):
Arrow Airport MJT - official site  greece flag

Liege (Lüttich) (LIE / EBLG):
Arrow Airport Liege - official site English Deutsch Netherlands Francais
Arrow Liege spotting by English

Linz (LNZ / LOWL):
Arrow Airport Linz - official site Deutsch English
Arrow new Spottingpositionen LNZ by Deutsch

Lissabon/Lisbon/Lisboa (LIS / LPPT):
Arrow Airport Lisbon - official site English portugues
Arrow Lissabon-Spotting of Markus Schmal - Kurzbeschreibung der Positionen und eine Karte Deutsch
Arrow new LIS Spotting by (2011) English

Liverpool John Lennon(LPL / EGGP):
Arrow Liverpool Airport - offficial site English
Arrow Liverpool spotting guide by (2011) English

Arrow Heathrow Homepage English
Arrow Spottingtips on LHR of (2012) English
Arrow Scramble on the web tips Heathrow English 
Arrow Fotopositionen Heathrow von Deutsch
Arrow Tips on LHR by Netherlands

Arrow Gatwick Homepage English
Arrow Spottingtips on Gatwick of English
Arrow Scramble on the web tips Gatwick English

Arrow Stansted Homepage English
Arrow Scramble on the web tips Stansted English
Arrow Spotting tips on STN by (2008)  English
Arrow Spotting @ STN by Netherlands

Arrow Luton official site English Deutsch
Arrow Spotting tips on Luton by (2011) English

Arrow London City Airport - official site English
Arrow Spotting @ London City Airport by Netherlands
Arrow new Spotting at London City Airport by (2011) English

Londonderry/City of Derry(LDY / EGAE):
Arrow Londonderry Airport - official site English
Arrow Spotting @ Londonderry by (2010) English

Luebeck (LBE / EDHL):
Arrow Airport Lübeck - official site Deutsch English

Lugano (LUG/LSZA):
Arrow Airport Lugano - official site italflag English

Luxembourg (LUX / ELLX):
Arrow Airport Luxembourg - official site Francais English Deutsch
Arrow Mike Moros Aviation Photography - Spotting at LUX & SXB ("Spotting Guides" in the navigation)English
Arrow LUX tips by Netherlands
Arrow LUX-tips by (2011) English

Maastricht (MST / EHBK):up
Arrow Airport Maastricht - official site Deutsch Netherlands English
Arrow Spotting Group Maastricht - no photopositions, mainly "expected flights" English
Arrow Maastricht Aviation English Forum & Pictures
Arrow Scramble on the web tips Maastricht English

Madeira-Funchal (FNC / LPMA):
Arrow Airport Funchal - official site English portugues
Arrow Madeira Spotters - Great site with member area.English portugues
Arrow FNC spottting by Netherlands
Arrow FNC spotterguide by Deutsch

Madrid-Barajas (MAD / LEMD):
Arrow Airport Madrid - official site spanishflag English
Arrow Spotting at Madrid by English
Arrow new Madrid Spotting by (2012) spanishflag
Arrow new Trip report MAD by (2011) English
Mailand (MXP/LIN / LIMC/LIML):
!Arrow Airport Malpensa and Linate - official site English italflag
Arrow Malpensa Spotter Page (2003) English
Arrow Malpensa Spotting by (2009) English
Arrow Guido Allieri's Airliners Web Site - Tips about spotting in Malpensa (2007) and more English
Arrow new MXP Infos by English

Malaga (AGP / LEMG):
Arrow Airport Malaga - official site English spanishflag
Arrow Spotting at AGP by (2011) English
Arrow Spotting at Malaga by spanishflag
Arrow new AGP Spotting by Deutsch

Malta-Luqa (MLA / LMML):
Arrow Airport Malta - official site English
Arrow Spottingtips of (2008) English
Arrow MLA-Spotting of Aviation in Malta English
Arrow Aviation and Ships spotting in Malta English
Arrow new Malta Spotting Guide by Malta Spotters (2007?) English

Manchester (MAN / EGCC):
Arrow Airport Mancheser - official site English
Arrow Spottingtips zu MAN of (2011) English
Arrow The Aviation Society (TAS) English
Arrow MAN-Spotting by English
Manston - Kent International (London Manston) (MSE / EGMH / EGUM):
Arrow Airport Kent International - official site English

Marseille-Provence (MRS / LFML):
Arrow Airport MRS - official site English Francais

Memmingen / Allgaeu Airport (FMM / EDJA):
Arrow Airport Memmingen - official site Deutsch English italflag
Arrow Spottingtipps Memmingen von Deutsch

Moenchengladbach (Duesseldorf Express / EDLN):
Arrow Airport Mönchengladbach - official site Deutsch

Moskau / Moscow - Sheremetyevo (SVO / UUEE) & Domodedovo (DME / UUDD):
Arrow Airport Domodedovo - official site English
Arrow Final Approach - Tips on spotting, types, galleries English

Arrow new Sheremetyovo - official site English

Muenchen / Munich (MUC / EDDM):
Arrow Airport Muenchen - official site Deutsch English
Arrow Munich-Aviation-Spotter-Site (MUC) Deutsch
Arrow MUC Spotting von Deutsch
Arrow Mucforum - Diskussions-Forum über MUC Deutsch
Arrow MUC positions by (incl. Google Maps) Deutsch English
Arrow MUC photopositions by Deutsch

Muenster-Osnabrück (FMO / EDDG):up
Arrow Airport Muenster-Osnabrück - official site Deutsch Netherlands English
Arrow Spotter-Site über Münster-Osnabrück mit Forum Deutsch

Nantes ( NTS / LFRS ):
Arrow Airport Nantes - official site Francais English
Arrow NTS spotting - by aeronantesspotters Francais

Neubrandenburg (FNB / ETNU):up
Arrow Airport Neubrandenburg - official site Deutsch

Newcastle (NCL / EGNT):
Arrow Airport Newcastle - official site English
Arrow Spotting tips on Newcastle by (2011) English
Arrow November Tango - NCL site of Andy Hutchings - no spotting tips, but movements etc. English

Nice / Nizza (NCE / LFMN):
Arrow Airport Nice - official site English Francais italflag
Arrow Spotting tips for Nice of Tis Meyer, (2004) Deutsch English

Niederrhein / Laarbruch (NRN / EDLV, ex-RAF-IATA: LRC) (ex so-called: Duesseldorf-Niederrhein):
Arrow Airport Niederrhein - official site Deutsch Netherlands English
Arrow Niederrhein Aviation Society - spottingtips fotos news movements English

Norwich (NWI / NGSH):
Arrow Airport Norwich - official site English
Arrow Spotting guide to Norwich by (2006) English

Nottingham s. East Midlands Airport

Nuernberg / Nuremberg (NUE / EDDN):
Arrow Airport Nuernberg - official site Deutsch English
Arrowwebcam Webcams on NUE airport Deutsch English
Arrow Aviation Friends Nuernberg mit Forum Deutsch
Arrow NUE-Spotting by English

Oslo-Gardermoen (GRM / ENGM):up
Arrow Airport Oslo - official site English norwayflag
Arrow Spotter's guide to Gardermoen English norwayflag
Arrow Spotting tips for Oslo of (as pdf) English

Ostend (OST / EBOS):
Arrow Airport Ostende - official site English
Arrow Ostende Airport Spotters Page English

Paderborn-Lippstadt (PAD / EDLP):up
Arrow Airport Paderborn-Lippstadt - official site Deutsch
Arrow webcam Paderborn Webcams (2x)
Arrow PAD-Spotting-Forum Deutsch (inkl. DTM, andere NRW-Airports)

Palma de Mallorca (PMI / LESJ/LEPA):
Arrow Airport Palma de Mallorca - official site spanishflag English
Arrow PMI-Spotting by Deutsch
Arrow Spottingtips of English
Arrow Spottingtips of (2008) English
Arrow Palma data and spotting positions for Google Earth by Deutsch

Paris-Beauvais s. Beauvais

Arrow Paris Airports - official site English Francais spanishflag
Arrow Kerozen.Org - spotting in Paris English Francais

Arrow CDG-Spotting by (2009) English
Arrow Spotting at CDG by English
Arrow Scramble on the web tips CDG English
Arrow Spotting at CDG of Ulitmate Spotters Deutsch
Arrow -mainly pics of CDG, no spotting tips yet Francais

Arrow Scramble on the Web tips Le Bourget English

Arrow Scramble on the Web tips Orly English
Arrow Spotting @ ORY by (2009) English
Arrow Spotting at ORY by English
Arrow Spotting at ORY by Deutsch English

Pisa (PSA / LIRP):
Arrow Airport Pisa - official site English italflag
Arrow Pisa Spotters Homepage English italflag

Porto (PRT / LFPR):
Arrow Airport Porto - official site English portugues
Arrow Porto Spotting by portugues

Prag / Prague (LKPR / PRG):
Arrow Airport Prag - official site English
Arrow PRG for Spotters of English

Reykjavik (BIRK / RVK):
Arrow Airport RVK - official site English
Arrow Spotting at RVK by Netherlands

Rhodos-Daigoras, Paradissi (RHO / LGRP):
ArrowRhodes Airport - official site English greek flag
Arrow new Rhodes Spotting by Deutsch

Rostock-Laage (RLG / ETNL):up
Arrow Airport Rostock-Laage - official site Deutsch English

Rom-Fiumicino (FCO / LIRF):
Arrow Airport Rom - official site English italflag
Arrow FCO-Spotters English italflag
Arrow Romaspotters - FCO-spotting English italflag
Arrow FCO-Spotting by (2009) English
Rotterdam-Zestienhoven (RTM / EHRD):
Arrow Rotterdam Airport - official site English Netherlands
Arrow Scramble on the web tips Rotterdam English
Arrow Rotterdam Airport Infopage - Spottersite Netherlands

Saarbruecken (SCN / EDDR):up
Arrow Airport Saarbrücken - official site Deutsch Francais English

Salzburg (SZG / LOWS):
Arrow Airport Salzburg - official site Deutsch English
Arrow webcam Salzburg Webcams 
Arrow Fan-Club Salzburg Airport Deutsch
Arrow Salzburg Aviationspotter Deutsch English
Arrow Salzburg photopositions by Deutsch English
Arrow SZG spotting by Deutsch English
Arrow SZG spotting by English

Samedan s.  Engadin

San Sebastian (EAS / LESO):
Arrow San Sebastian Airport - official site English spanishflag
Arrow San Sebastian spotting points - by Iberian spotters on google maps spanishflag

Santa Cruz de La Palma (SPC / GCLA):
Arrow Spotting at SPC by (this site here) English
Arrow SPC Airport - official page Deutsch English spanishflag
Arrow Spotting @ SPC by Deutsch spanishflag English (Online-Translation)

Schwerin-Parchim (SZW / EDOP):
Arrow Airport Schwerin (Baltic Airport) - official site Deutsch

Shannon (SNN / EINN):
Arrow Airport Shannon - official site English

Siegerland (SGE / EDGS):
Arrow Airport Siegerland - official site Deutsch English

! Sion (SIR/LSGS):
Arrow Airport Sion - official site English Deutsch Francais
Arrow Sion Photography Locations by English

Skiathos (LGSK / JSI):
Arrow Airport Skiathos - official site English greece flag
Arrow Skiathos Spotting at English greece flag
Arrow Skiathos Spotting by Tis Meyer, English

Southampton (SOU / EGHI):
Arrow Airport Southampton - official site English

Speyer / Ludwigshafen (ZQC / EDRY):
Arrow Airport Speyer - official site Deutsch
Arrow Fotopositionen Speyer von Deutsch

St. Moritz s. Engadin

Stavanger-Sola (SVG / ENZV):
Arrow Airport Stavanger - official site English norwayflag
Arrow SVG data & Google Earth photopositions by Deutsch
Arrow Stavanger tips by (Tis Meyer) English

Stockholm-Arlanda (ARN / ESSA):
Arrow Airport Stockholm - official site English swedflag
Arrow Scramble on the web tips Stockholm English
Arrow Spotting tips on Arlanda by (as pdf) English
Arrow ARN  Spotters - new Forum with an english section English swedflag

Strasbourg-Entzheim (SXB / LFST):
Arrow Airport Strasbourg - official site English DeutschFrancais
Arrow SXB Spotting - by English
Arrow SXB Spotting by Deutsch

Stuttgart (STR / EDDS):
Arrow Airport Stuttgart - official site Deutsch English
Arrow webcam Stuttgart Webcams (5 - Livestream!)
Arrow Stuttgart Aviation Association e. V. Deutsch English
Arrow Stuttgart Spotter-Forum Deutsch
Arrow STR positions by (incl. Google Maps)Deutsch
Arrow STR Spotting by (2010) English

Tallinn (TLL/EETN):
Arrow Tallinn Airport - official site English

Tenerife Norte / Tenerife North (TFN / GCXO):
Arrow Airport TFN- official site spanishflag English Deutsch
Arrow TFN/GCXO Spotting Guide by Canary Islands Spotting ( spanishflag English

Tenerife Sur (TFS/GCTS):
Arrow Tenerife Sur - official site  spanishflag English Deutsch
Arrow Tenerife Sur Spotting by Deutsch spanishflag English

Toulouse (TLS / LFBO):
Arrow Airport Toulouse - official site English Francais
Arrow Spotting tips on TLS by (2008) English
Arrow TLS Spotting by English

Tromsø-Langnes (TOS / ENTC):
Airport Tromsø - official site English norwayflag
Tromsø tips by (Tis Meyer) English

Trondheim Vaernes (TRD / ENVA):
Arrow Airport Trondheim - official site English norwayflag
Arrow Trondheim tips by (Tis Meyer) English

Valencia (VEC / LEVC):
Arrow Airport Valencia - official site spanishflag English
Arrow Spotting tips on VLC by (small) English

Venedig / Venice (VCE / LIPZ):
Arrow Airport Venice (official site) italflag English
Arrow VCE Infos in an italian forum, not very much italflag

Verona (VRN / LIPX):
Arrow new Airport Verona - official site italflag English
Arrow new Spotting in Verona by italflag

Warschau / Warsaw (WAW / EPWA):
Arrow Airport Warsaw - official site English polandflag
Arrow WAW spotting by (2010) English

Wien / Vienna (VIE / LOWW):up
Arrow Airport Wien - official site Deutsch English
Arrow Flughafenfreunde Wien Deutsch
Arrow Spotterpositionen Wien by Deutsch
Arrow Vienna Aviation Photography English
Arrow Vienna spotting positions by Deutsch English
Arrow Vienna Aviation by Manfred Saitz - movements and a blog English

Zagreb (ZAG /  LDZA):
Arrow Airport Zagreb - official site English  Flag of Croatia
Arrow  webcam Airport Zagreb - Webcam

Zakinthos (Greece) (ZTH / LGZA):
Arrow Airport Zakinthos - official site English greece flag
Arrow Spotting tips on ZTH by (2005) English

Zuerich-Kloten (ZRH / LSZH):up
Arrow Airport Zuerich - official site Deutsch English Francais italflag
Arrow Spotting tips on ZRH by (2009) English
Arrow Spotting positions at ZRH by Airside Foto Zurich Deutsch
Arrow Spotting tips for Zuerich of Tis Meyer, Deutsch English
Arrow ZRH-Spotting by manuel' Deutsch
Arrow ZRH-Spotting by (you can allso download a kmz for Google Earth) English
Arrow by Olivier - Photography in Switzerland, incl. ZRH infos (links), new site, under constr.
Arrow Spotting at ZRH by Deutsch English
Arrow ZRH spotting by Manuel Mueller English
Arrow Spottingtippps für Zürich von Deutsch
Arrow ZRH Spotting by Netherlands
Arrow webcam The famous cams at Zurich! Deutsch English
Arrow new ZRH Spotting by Deutsch

Zweibruecken (ZQW / EDRZ):
Arrow Airport Zweibruecken - official site Deutsch

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Types / Typen (Fan- & Company-Sites / Fan- u. Herstellerseiten)
(alphabetisch n. Hersteller / in alphabetical order)

Aerospatiale Concorde s. British Aerospace

Arrow Airbus-Family - alle Typen - Companysite English
Arrow Airbus A340 Fanseite English
Arrow Airbus A300-600 ST (Beluga) - Fansite of Antje Schäper Deutsch

Arrow Antonov - Companysite English

Arrow ATR - Companysite English

Beech s. Raytheon

ArrowBell Textron Helicopters - Companysite English

Arrow Boeing 707 Family - Companysite English
Arrow Boeing 707 Fansite (History u. Photos) English
Arrow Boeing 717-200 - Companysite English
Arrow Boeing 727 Family - Companysite English
Arrow Boeing 737 Family - Companysite English
Arrow Boeing 737 Technical Site English
Arrow Boeing 747 Family - Companysite English
Arrow - about the Boeing 747SP English
Arrow Boeing 747 Fansite Deutsch
Arrow Boeing 757 Family - Companysite English
Arrow Boeing 767 Family - Companysite English
Arrow Boeing 777 Family - Companysite English
Arrow Boeing 777 Fleet Page English 
Arrow Triple-7 World English
s. a. McDonnell Douglas

Arrow Bombardier Aerospace - Companysite (CRJ-Jets, Q-Serie, Learjet, Challenger) English Francais

British Aerospace: (Concorde together with Aerospatiale)
Arrow Concorde SST English
Arrow Concorde Supersonic Jet English Francais
Arrow BAC 1-11 English

Arrow Cessna - Companysite - Our aircraft (Citation, Caravan...) English

Dassault Aviation:
Arrow Dassault - Companysite English Francais

Arrow DC-3 Page of R. Leeuw English
Arrow DC-6 Page of R. Leeuw English

Arrow Embraer - Companysite (ERJ-120 - 195) portugues English

Arrow Eurocopter - Companysite English (Attention: Flash plugin needed, seems like Netscape/IE only)

Fairchild-Dornier (ex-):
Arrow M7 Aerospace - Companysite (Metroliner) English
Arrow RUAG Aerospace Deutschland (Do-228/328 maintenance)
Arrow Dornier 228 - Seite von Oliver Deutsch
Arrow Deutsch English

Arrow The Fokker Aircraft Page (F27, F28, F50, F70, F100) English

Arrow Gulfstream - Companysite (G-100-550) English

Arrow Hawker-Beechcraft (King Air etc.) - Companysite  English

Arrow Let - Companysite English

Arrow EuCom Airlines - Noch eine L-1011-Site Deutsch
Arrow - Portugese Lockheed Tristar Information English
Arrow Delta L1011 - Site about the L-1011 at Delta
Arrow - Lockheed Constellation Infos by Ralph M. Pettersen English
Arrow - Restauration of a Connie for active flying in Europe! Deutsch Francais English

McDonnell Douglas (heute / today Boeing):
Arrow Douglas Airliners - (DC-9, MD-11 - MD-95) - Fansite (last update 2005)
Arrow DC 8 Family - Companysite English
Arrow DC 9 Family - Companysite English
Arrow DC 10 Family - Companysite English
Arrow DC 10 Fanseite English
Arrow DC-10 Net English
Arrow MD 80 and 90 Family - Companysite English
Arrow MD-80 Pages (mainly SAS - with forum) English
Arrow MD-80 Net English

Arrow Pilatus - Companysite English

Arrow Piper- Companysite English

Raytheon (ex Beech):
Arrow Raytheon - Companysite - Product Overview (Beech 1900, div. KingAir, Bonanza...) (now Hawker-Beechcraft)

Arrow Robinson Helicopter - Companysite English

"Russen" / Russian:
Arrow Luroko's AN-26 Page English Deutsch
Arrow Antonov AN-2 Owners & Friends Webpage English
Arrow Antonov 225 Mrya website - some pictures and technical data

Arrow Saab 340/2000 - Companysite

Arrow Sikorsky - Companysite English

Arrow Tupolev - Companysite English

Arrow A Little VC10derness English

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Aviation Forums

Arrow NRW Luftfahrt Forum - NRW-Luftfahrt, hpts. DTM, PAD u.v.m., 12 Unterforen, 220+ Mitglieder, (Forum des Admins) 
Arrow Forum - allgem,. Luftfahrtforum,11 Unterforen, ca. 5.000 Mitglieder 
Arrow Forum - Pilotenforum, viele Unterforen, ca. 12.000 Mitglieder 
Arrow - Schweizer Luftfahrtforum, viele Unterforen, 10.000+ Mitglieder 
Arrow CGNCommunity - CGN Airport, 7 Unterforen, 350+ Mitglieder 
Arrow - DUS Airport, 20 Unterforen, 204+ Mitglieder 
Arrow Aviation Community Norddeutschland - norddeutsche Airports,13 Unterforen, 450+ Mitglieder 
Arrow Aeroweb Forum - Luftf. allgem., 5 Unterforen, 340+ Mitglieder 
Arrow - umfassendes Luftfahrtforum, unzählige Unterforen, 16.000+ Mitglieder 
Arrow Luftfahrtforum mit 17 Unterforen und ca. 270+ Mitgliedern 
Arrow Berlin Aviation Forum Berlin Forum mit 17 Unterforen und 166+ Mitgliedern Arrow Aviation Forums - 9 aviation related subforums, about 100.000 reg. users 
Arrow PPRUNE - Professional Pilots Rumour Network - uncountable subforums, 260.000+ reg. users 
Arrow Forums - australian aviation forum, 16 subforums, 600+ reg. users 
Arrow Key Publishing Ltd. Aviation Forums - UK aviation Forum, 7 subforums, 13.000+ reg. users 
Arrow US Aviation Messageboards - US forums focussing on the big airlines, many subforums, about 10.000 reg. users 
Arrow Scramble Messageboard - dutch based forums, also in english, 20 subforums, 3.000+ reg. users Netherlands English

Other stuff / Sonstige Links

Construction & Production-Lists

Arrow Airbus, Boeing, Convair & Douglas Productionlist very actual lists by Peter Riool! English
Arrow - Photos, Production lists & Airline fleets - even of historical airlines! English
Arrow Commercial Jet Aircraft Census - Produktionslisten / Construction Lists, taken over by English
Arrow - Produktionslisten / Construction Lists (fast alle Flugzeugtypen!! - Super list!) English
Arrow - searchable database providing the complete fleet history of a plane - incl. production lists English Francais
Arrow - Reviews of hotels with spottingpossibilities worldwide

Aviation Videosites

Arrow Flightlevel 350 - Aviation videos English
Arrow - Viele Luftfahrt-Videos! Deutsch
Arrow - Aviation Videos & pics English Deutsch

Aviation at large & News-Sites

Arrow UK Airport News - News about english airports and the airlines flying there English
Arrow - Infos f. Deutsche Airports (NRW u. Frankfurt/Hamburg/Lübeck), Fotodatenbank, Forum Deutsch
Arrow Gate52 online - australian site, news, linklists, photos and more English
Arrow Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Verkehrsflughäfen - Statistics  Deutsch
Arrow World aeronautical database - Data about nearly 10.000 searchable airports worldwide
Arrow Arab Air Carriers Organisation (AACO) - Lists of member fleets, News and more English & Arabic
Arrow Airline Codes searchable database - need to know an airline behind a code? Go to this site! English
Arrow - Deutsche und österreichische Flughäfen mit allen Angaben, METAR, Links und Termine Deutsch
Arrow - Pictures concerning airport terminals & buildings
Arrow Austrian Aviation Net Luftfahrt in Österreich, mit Forum, Airport-Specials und mehr... Deutsch
Arrow Aviation Safety Net, Securitysite English
Arrow - Securitysite English
Arrow Plane Crash Info English
Arrow Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC) - Securitysite English
Arrow Bundesstelle für Flugunfalluntersuchung BFU - Berichte über Unfälle mit deutschen Luftfahrzeugen bzw. in DL Deutsch
Arrow Airline Operation - Flotten d. deutschen Fluggesellschaften / Fleets of the german Airlines Deutsch
Arrow Cactus Wings - Southwest-Spotting USA, Blog for Mohjave, Victorville... English
Arrow - Ranking site about best airlines, best service, best airports... also news about airlines and aviation English
Arrow - Helicopter-Seite mit Bildern, Links, Unfällen u.v.m. English
Arrow - Seite zur zivilen Luftfahrt. Mit Nachrichtenteil und Diskussionsforum Deutsch
Arrow Luftfahrt.Net Deutsch - Ähnlich, News and more
Arrow Justplanes Airline News - Midweek Edition & Weekend Edition - Fleets, Airroutes, Incidents... English
Arrow Speednews - Fleetnews etc. English

Zeitschriften & Bücher / Magazines & books

Arrow Aero International (Zeitschrift zu zivilen Luftfahrt) Deutsch
Arrow Skyliner Aviation news and more Deutsch English
Arrow Aerokurier Online Deutsch English
Arrow Fliegerrevue Deutsch
Arrow Flughafen aktuell - Airport News Deutsch
Arrow Flug Revue Deutsch English
Arrow Aviation International News (USA) English
Arrow Jetstream - Aktuelle News von Fluggesellschaften und -häfen im deutschsprach. Raum ($$, nur für Abonennten frei!) Deutsch
Arrow Motorbuch-Verlag (Luftfahrtbücher) Deutsch
Arrow Justplanes (Videos bzw. DVDs diverser Fluglinien und Flughäfen, Airline-News) English
Arrow Herpa-Wings (Flugzeugmodelle 1:200-1:500) Deutsch
Arrow Forum on the Wings-models 1:500 English

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